Cotton fabrics

Cotton fabrics are made of the cotton fibers found around the seeds of the cotton plants (Gossypium). The soft cotton fibers are the most used natural fibers. The white cotton fibers are also called “white gold”. While most cotton grown today is genetically modified cotton, all cotton fabrics sold on interloom are made of GM-free organic cotton or of recycled cotton. The use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers is prohibited in organic agriculture. The water retention capacity of the soil is improved by natural manure. This helps to reduce the water consumption. Organic cotton is often grown in rain-fed areas without artificial irrigation. Organic cotton fabrics are thus better for human health, for the environment and for future generations. And at the same time the cotton fabrics are very soft and beautiful from inside and outside! Just check them out.

Pictures of the cotton production

Selection of cotton fabrics sold on interloom

More cotton fabrics and other sustainable materials

To discover more organic cotton fabrics and other sustainable materials, please check out our fabric database.

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