For customers:

As we want that as many customers as possible make more responsible and sustainable buying decisions, the use of our platform is 100% free-of-charge for customers:

  • Registration fee: 0€
  • Commission: 0€
  • Monthly fee: 0€

For suppliers:

We try to offer you our service at the lowest price possible. However, sustainability means for us also to be economically sustainable and to set up a plattform which is economically viable also in the long-run. So we charge a fee for successfully initiated contracts to cover our own costs and to make our service available for you in the longterm. We earn only, if you earn:

  • Registration fee: 0€
  • Article fee: 0€
  • Monthly fee: 0€
  • Commission: 8% of the net product price (excl. VAT)
Regular commission Reduced commission
8% of the net product price (excl. VAT) 5% of the net product price (excl. VAT)
for professional suppliers for all others, i.e. for example designers reselling left-over fabrics

The payment of the provision is due:

  • for singular sales: directly after the sale
  • for regular sales: at least once a month

Furthermore we offer you some additional services such as:

  • Uploading products
  • Taking product photos
  • Swatch delivery service
  • Translating products
  • Shortprofile in list of supporters

Please contact us for further information.

The fees may be changed by interloom. interloom informs the members at least 2 weeks in advance of the fee changes.