How to source together

Great fabric, but too high minimum order quantities or too high prices? Then organize your own buying group! Great fabric, but not sustainable? Then organize your own fabricmob!

You have four options:

  1. participate in a running collective order
  2. organize the buying group yourself
  3. ask the supplier to organize the buying group for you
  4. ask us and one of our partners organizes the buying group for you

1. Participate in a running collective order

Discover and participate in one of our running collective orders.

2. Organize a buying group yourself:

  • Register as a supplier
  • Contact the producer of the fabric and tell him that you want to organize a buying group for this specific fabric
  • Create a “collective order” on interloom (see how to add a product)
  • Wait for others to join your group
  • Ask the co-buyers to transfer you the advance payment
  • Order the fabric
  • Send the fabric to the co-buyers

3. Ask the supplier to offer a buying group:

  • Contact the supplier and ask him to create a collective order for the specific product

4. One of our partners organizes a buying group for you:


What is a “collective order”?

Collective order means that several people SOURCE TOGETHER a certain fabric. This is helpful in cases with high minimum order quantities which the participants cannot afford individually. It also helps to reach higher order quantities and thus reduce the costs per item. For every collective order, one person has to organise the BUYING GROUP: This may be a designer, a trader or the producer. This organiser is responsible for the organisation of the buying group and the collective order incl. the distribution of the fabrics. Usually collective orders are used for made-to-order productions. A certain amount has to be paid in advance as a first installment, the rest has to be paid after delivery. The details of the respective collective orders are displayed on the right column of the collective order page.

What is a “fabricmob”?

Collective orders may also be used to aggregate demand and buying power in order to make conventional producers start producing more sustainable products. In the style of flash mobs, smart mobs, carrotmob, clubmob etc., we call it fabricmob. In contrast to the concept of boycotts which aim at punishing companies for not producing sustainable, fabricmobs belong to the so-called buycotts which aim to provide positive incentives for companies to produce more sustainability. This does not mean that more should be produced and consumed, but that intelligently designed, better and more sustainable products are produced instead of conventional products.

So what are you waiting for? Start your own collective order or fabricmob or check out our running collective orders.