Payment from buyer to supplier

The payment is done directly from the buyer to the supplier. Every supplier may offer different payment methods and conditions. Please carefully read the details in the product description.

The payment methods available on interloom:

PayPal Order

  • If the amount of the bill equates the actual current product price including all (!) additional costs such as VAT, shipping costs, importing/exporting fees (whatever applicable) and if no additional costs will be charged (!), the supplier may withdraw the full amount or a specific percentage of it according to the agreement.
  • If additional costs apply (e.g. importing/exporting fees and/or shipping fees) and/or if prices have changed, the suppliers must not withdraw the money but have the duty to inform the customers promptly after the order.

Payment from supplier to interloom

The fees for using interloom are directly paid from the suppliers to interloom. interloom therefore sends a summary of the fees (incl. products sold, voluntary monthly fee, page visits) to the suppliers once a month at the beginning of a month with the payment details for the previous month. The suppliers decide whether the suggested price is fine or transfer the amount which they feel is a fair payment. If one decides to permanently support us by a voluntary monthly support fee and accepts our fair standard prices, one may also authorize us for convenient monthly collection at the beginning of a month for the previous month. Whoever supports interloom with a regular monthly fee, will be listed in our current supports list.

The interloom fees may be paid from the user to interloom via: