Data privacy

Data privacy and self-determination of the extent of data publication has a very high priority for us. We want that personal data are only used to the extent necessary and agreed to.

Thus we try to make our handling of data as transparent as possible:

Non-personal data

If you visit our page, non-personal anonymized data about your visit such as browsers, date and time of the visit and visited pages may be stored and used by interloom. They are only used for statistical analysis through interloom and to improve our service for you. These data will neither for commercial nor for uncommercial purposes be transferred to third-parties.

Personal data storage, use and transfer

Personal data are only stored in our database if they are voluntary provided by the users. interloom may collect, process and use personal data to the extent they are required for the respective service. Furthermore, interloom collects, processes and uses personal data such as the contact data and billing data of the users.

interloom ensures the compliance with legal rules related to personal data, especially the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (“BDSG”). Members allow by agreeing to our data privacy rules that their personal data may be used within this extent by interloom or third-parties.

interloom points to the fact that in the case of businesses with members from outside the European Union the data may be transferred to persons in countries whose legal privacy regulations do not comply with the European privacy regulations.

If interloom uses personal data of members or of persons who are related to the members, this happens exclusively with the agreement of the respective member.


interloom reserves the right to use cookies on its pages.

Facebook Plugin

interloom uses plugins linking to Facebook. If you use these functions, data are transferred to Facebook. Please find further information on the Facebook page.

Google Analytics

interloom uses Google Analytics in order to improve its services for its users. Please find further information on the website of Google Analytics.

Location of the servers to store data

The data are stored on a German server (Greensta). Images and files are stored on a server in the US (Amazon S3).

Emails and data transfer in the internet

interloom emphasizes that data transfer in the internet and via email may never be 100% secure and protected against the access of third-parties.

Right to information

You have the right to information to get free-of-charge info about your data and, in case, the right to correct, block or delete your data.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.