interloom and sustainABILITY

SustainABILITY is integrated in the core of our business philosophy. For us, sustainability and CSR means continuously improving the core of our business rather than doing business as usual and greenwashing it, compensating it or doing some charity projects for a better image. We try to be as sustainable as possible in all parts of our business from the sourcing to the marketing. As we consider sustainability as a process we try to continuously improve our sustainability performance in all areas. With regard to our suppliers, we especially try to support in-conversion-projects.

Running the online platform

Obviously, we have full responsibility for our own company activities and the impacts of them. As an online-based company our main service is the provision of the online platform which first of all is a matter related to energy use and software property rights but there are many other areas where we try to improve our performance:

Green Electricity

We only use green electricity from Lichtblick.

Green Electricity Server

interloom runs on a server of the Eco-Host Greensta, which uses green electricity provided by Greenpeace Energy.

Environmentally friendly printing

We try to avoid printing whenever possible to save resources. If we print, we use eco-friendly printing offered by GreenVision Berlin or Printzipia.

Ethical Banking

Money is power and by choosing one bank or the other we choose how our money is used. In order to support ecological and social project instead of any negative projects, we have an account with the GLS-Bank.

Employees and partners

We try to create a room for dialogue and open discussions in order to facilitate information exchange and innovations.


We use our marketing power to support a more sustainable production and consumption. As a large impact is caused during the usage phase of the products we inform our customers about the impacts of the usage phase. But also by showing sustainable alternatives to conventional products is part of our marketing philosophy.

Sustainability reporting

We are currently reporting on our website and in personal dialogue. As the company will grow, we will consider annual sustainability reporting according to international standards such as the GRI.

Design of the product(s)

The whole business starts with the design of the product which has an enormous impact on the sustainability performance along the whole life-cycle of the product. We try to support intelligently produced items wherever possible whose negative impact is as low as possible. Please have a look on our sustainability criteria for products for more information.


As an online-based business platform the direct impact of our own activities is relatively small compared to the impact of the production of the products which is not in our direct control. However, we feel we have a significant power and thus also responsibility to influence how the products we offer are produced by choosing the right products and boycotting others. All products which are sold on our platform have to comply with our very strict sustainability criteria for products.


As we do not have direct control over the logistics, we try to improve the logistics by providing incentives for greener transport. One way to do this is showing the level of sustainability in logistics at the point of sale and to make customers choose the product having caused lower transport emissions.